We are available to consult on your hydrographic surveying projects

With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry.

General consulting services may include:

  • Supplying the principal with a specification for data capture
  • Supervising data collection and positioning
  • Data presentation advice
  • Monitoring of time schedules and equipment selection
  • Safety and Environmental protection standards advice

Hydrographic surveying involves solving a number of unique problems. It utilises specialised echo sounding equipment with integrated sensors and software capture the data.

We have a variety of expertise and can manage your entire project if necessary. They can incorporate the whole package using marine engineers, Geophysical Scientist, surveying and environmental services such as seabed soil sampling and camera drops.

We are committed to providing a safe work place for our employees and sub-contractors. We maintain a comprehensive OHS management plan and pride ourselves on having zero lost time due to injury. We attribute this to training and understanding the environment we work in and developing site-specific controls to manage risks.