Typical Hydrographic Survey Specification

  • The Horizontal reference grid will be MGA 94 Zone 55.
  • The Vertical reference will be Chart datum or AHD.

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The boat used is a 4.55m Polycraft center console vessel. Specially set up for hydrographic survey. It is powered by a 40hp four stroke Yamaha outboard and is MSV registered class2D. Operated by a qualified coxswain.

The hydrographic survey equipment is the Ceeman data measurement and recording system, which provides full hydrographic standard survey measurement and will meet or exceed the IHO S-44 Order 1 specification.

This equipment is specifically designed for use in shallow water and can measure depths to as little as 0.6m below the surface. All standard checks of equipment performance, as specified by IHO S44 will be applied and recorded during the course of field operations.

Data reduction for tide will be provided by the Ceedata system which provides for the quality assurance of the data by software routines that allow the verification of the horizontal and vertical recorded measurements. Horizontal accuracy of the DGPS is +/-1m. Vertical accuracy of the single beam, duel frequency transducer is +/- 0.1m on both frequencies. Horizontal accuracy of a KGPS is +/- 25mm and can also be used for providing real time height of the vessel while surveying

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