Underground Asset Detection

Underground Services
Underground services includes locating of domestic water, fire services, gas networks, high voltage and low voltage electrical networks, telecommunications, storm water and sewer assets.

In the event that a PVC or non-metallic service cannot be traced via standard techniques, we can use Non-Destructive Digging methods to determine the service depth and alignment.

As Telstra Accredited locators we use radio detection equipment to trace and locate telecommunications without disruption to actual communication lines.

Water and Gas services
Metallic water and fire services can be traced via standard Radio Detection techniques. A transmitter is used to conduct a radio wave signal which enables us to locate the underground pipe with a receiver.

Sewer and Storm Water pipes
Sewer and Storm Water pipes are located with the use of a fibreglass traceable rod or sonde. The rod or sonde is fed down these pipes and used to trace the length and depth of the pipe.

Non Metallic Gas and Water (PVC)
As PVC water and gas pipes are becoming a common problem, standard radio detection techniques cannot be used. Vacuum excavation (Non Destructive Digging) can be used to determine the location and depth of these services.

The use of AutoCAD, portable computers and our locating experience enables us to produce easy to read plans of underground assets. This creates a permanent record of existing underground services so future planning and work can be carried out efficiently and safely.